NFL Notebook: Nobody knows what’s next for Tom Brady – not even him – so just enjoy the ride

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Since the Patriots have had one competitive game to this point (Buffalo), and because it's the Patriots, it's become a cottage industry to guess what's going to happen with Tom Brady once his contract voids before the new league year starts.

Whether it's ranking the most likely outcome after this season — retirement, re-signing, or leaving for another team — to discussing what teams might make a run at Brady, everyone's getting in on the Brady-end-of-days content machine.

"I think it's just hype, media, and everyone's trying to make money and that's what it's about," Brady said this week.

"It's just ... part of it's just being Tom Brady, I guess."

Unlike the Netflix episode, Brady wasn't just casting aspersions upon the media this time. He's telling the truth. What Adam Schefter said Monday on ESPN wasn't anything he or any of us hasn't said in previous months, ever since his contract "extension" was announced and it was clear Brady was going to be a free agent after this season. It was clear last year that Brady and the club now had a year-to-year relationship.

But since the Patriots were 6-0 and it was a mismatch with the Jets — especially in the aftermath of that blowout it's been even worse with the Browns and Freddie Kitchens up next — the media needed something to talk about. We know the defense is awesome, and it has little to do with the schedule to this point. We know the offense is a work in progress. The Josh Gordon-Mohamed Sanu drama as a nice distraction, but Brady content is always gold. And they were off.

Here's the truth about Brady's future ...