Bedard: Tom Brady seems to be going year-to-year, and Patriots are OK with it

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(Getty Images)

Tom Brady will receive, maybe, an extra $5 million for 2018 in the contract adjustment that came to light on Thursday.

Wonderful. He's now gone from being tied for 20th in the NFL in cash made this season to, if he hits whatever incentives are laid out (we won't know that for a few days), to tied for 10th with Sam Bradford and Blake Bortles.

Yes, you read that right.

The big question right now: Why didn't the Patriots and Brady come to some sort of agreement that would keep him securely — as much as you can for a 41-year-old — as the starting quarterback until age 45? It's not like they have Jimmy Garoppolo waiting in the wings.

Even after this tweak, Brady's contract is up after next season. I never thought I'd see them get this close to the end of Brady's contract. But that should tell you a lot.