On The Beat: Finding out what works on the Redskins, whether they’ll trade Trent Williams to the Patriots and more

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Every week, we up our prep on the Patriots’ next opponent with our “5 questions…” feature where we check in with a writer who covers New England’s next opponent. For this week’s game against the DeadSkins, we talk with old Packers beat colleague Kareem Copeland of The Washington Post. Check him out on Twitter here. Thanks to Kareem for his time.


1. Ok, Cope, the Redskins are 0-4 and have the third-worst point differential in the league ... what exactly works well on that team?

Honestly, nothing has worked particularly well this season. The strengths of this team were supposed to be a borderline-elite defense, strong running game and not turning the ball over. The defense has been a massive disappointment. The run game lost Derrius Guice in the season opener and Adrian Peterson has yet to get on track. Case Keenum wasn’t the issue in the first two losses, but then he threw three interceptions against the Bears on MNF and was off to a horrid start last week. Rookie Dwayne Haskins came in and promptly threw three interceptions. What has worked well? Punter Tress Way is one of the best in the league and saves a lot of bad offensive possessions by flipping the field.

2. Do you think Trent Williams will ever be available via trade to a team like the Patriots? Would the Redskins be interested in any players in a Williams trade?