Red Sox

McAdam: As Red Sox make yet another front office change, expect the pendulum to swing in different direction

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As the 2019 Red Sox season grinds to a merciful end, change is in the air at Fenway Park.

So what else is new?

The announcement late Sunday, minutes after another one-sided loss to the New York Yankees, that Dave Dombrowski is out as president of baseball operations means that, soon, the Red Sox will employ their fourth top baseball executive this decade.

Theo Epstein, who helped end the franchise's decades-long championship drought by winning two titles, bailed after the 2011 season to go to the Chicago Cubs. His replacement, Ben Cherington, who won a World Series in his second season on the job, was nudged aside two and a half years later in favor of Dombrowski.

And now, a mere 11 months after leading the Sox to a championship and a record-setting 108-win season, Dombrowski is out, too.

That's hardly the kind of stability to which a franchise aspires. It's simply not a good look to be changing general managers -- or their titular equivalents -- every three or four seasons. It suggests chaotic leadership at the top and frequent philosophic shifts.

Yet that's where the Red Sox are.