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McAdam: Why the firing of Dave Dombrowski came Sunday night instead of after the season

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Ever since a Boston Globe report earlier this summer suggested that Dave Dombrowski was in jeopardy of not returning for the 2020 season, his job security has been a matter of open speculation -- both inside and outside of Fenway Park.

Indeed, in recent weeks, Red Sox ownership had come to the determination that Dombrowski was not the executive they envisioned running their Baseball Operations department in the future. With the organization about to enter a period of transition and some difficult decisions ahead on the horizon, Dombrowski's approach -- with a penchant for big moves, both in trades and free-agent signings -- and, by extension, his need for a big payroll, convinced the Sox they needed to make a change at the top.

That no one in the Red Sox organization -- on or off the record -- disputed the basics of the Globe story for weeks represented an ominous sign for Dombrowski.

Dombrowski's original five-year deal was set to expire after the 2020 season, but the Sox didn't want to go into next season with Dombrowski in lame-duck mode. Additionally knowing that they were going to make a change, they didn't want him tackling a number of issues this offseason, knowing that he was going to be around for the long-term.

And so, the determination had been made to inform Dombrowski at the end of the season that he wouldn't be returning.

But that timetable changed quickly Sunday night, according to an industry source.

Dombrowski was spotted