Road to 53, v.19.5 – Some old-reliables sneak back in, while one makes way for future

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Having already dealt with the returns of Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon in the last version, we had already done most of the heavy lifting and bloodletting when it comes to this roster.

But it's still highly competitive.

Two players the Patriots just released — Maurice Harris and Mike Pennel — are NFL players and will play elsewhere this season (if Harris isn't on the Patriots' injured reserve). That doesn't mean they were going to be good here, but they have talent. So do the players left behind. But you can't keep everyone.

Let's get into our latest version of the 53 – with one more to come shortly after the preseason game — and then explain some decisions.

But, in general, I feel good about this version. I like the perfect balance (25-25-3). I like the depth at all the spots and the balance between youth and experience. That means, of course I'm way off.

On to the 53...