Road to 53, v.19.03: Guaranteed money, scheme fit could be big factors in final decisions

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

With the first preseason game in the books, you'd figure there would be more changes to our new 53-man roster but, alas, there were not.

There was just a 1-for-1 swap out from our last version and it's not all that shocking: I'm pulling cornerback Jonathan Jones off the trade block. I gained his roster spot from another defensive position and it pains me to do it.

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But there are a couple of factors involved with this version of the 53-man roster that we haven't touched on before: guaranteed money and scheme fit. They both could loom large over the final cuts. In the former's case, it will likely restrict the team's ability to make a few possibly blatant cut. The latter means some players aren't quite the fit they once were.

With that, here's my latest 53-man roster: