Austin Ainge on Carsen Edwards, Romeo Langford and how Celtics stack up in East

This is the second half of an exclusive interview with Celtics director of player personnel Austin Ainge. You can check out the first half of the interview by clicking here.

Q: Carsen Edwards really looked like someone who can get his shot off in a variety of different ways in summer league. I know it's not NBA level competition, but how eager are you to see what Brad has in mind for him?

Ainge: Carsen is just something man. He's got a flamethrower. He can run around, off the dribble, off the catch, from 30 feet, from 15 feet and everywhere in-between. He's just a beautiful, deadly shooter with confidence and energy and great physical conditioning. He can just keep moving and is a nightmare to deal with. We're excited to have him and he's a really good, fun personality too.

Q: Summer League head coach Scott Morrison spoke a lot about Carsen's ability to disrupt defenses with his ball pressure? How much more will we see of that this season with him in a more secondary role off the bench?

Ainge: That's kind of the strategy we often employ with smaller guards. Get up into people earlier and use your strengths, your speed and quickness. For Carsen, his strength is to get up into people earlier and make them work. The closer you get to the basket, the less advantage you are at when you are small, just out of principle. We did that with Tremont as well. He was doing that a lot and getting into guys' bodies.

Q: Were you sweating to see if he was going to fall to No. 33 or did you guys have a good sense that you might be able to snag him after you traded down, based on the depth chart of other teams and intel?

Ainge: It's always a sweat to the end. You never really know. You can't tell what teams are going to do. We were thrilled that Carsen was there and we were considering very strongly with other picks as well. We were glad it worked out there. He had a great Summer League and he was working hard this summer, so hopefully, he can keep going up and up.

Q: What's the latest with Romeo Langford? How is he progressing with his thumb rehab?