Inside the origin of Tremont Waters’ off the backboard alley-oop pass to Robert Williams

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS -- Amid a handful of highlight plays during the Celtics' summer league opener against the Sixers on Saturday afternoon, one stood out from the pack. Rookie point guard Tremont Waters threw a pass off the backboard to big man Rob Williams who threw it down in rhythm for an easy jam.

Was that one in the summer league playbook for the Celtics? It's hard to believe Scott Morrison would draw something like that up.

"Yes," Morrison said with a smile. "I drew up a lob play and whatever happened after that, I’ll take credit for it.”

I caught up with Waters on Sunday to get a little more of the backstory behind the sequence. Turns out, the Celtics have given the point guard the liberty to get creative with his passing and Williams had talked with him about that kind of action in the past week. There was no exact play call in the moment but both players knew the opportunity would be there given how the play developed.

"To start the play off, I was able to jab and go backdoor," Waters explained. "He was able to see me go backdoor. The pass