Sweeney: Possession, red cards and a hot streak – Revolution keep pushing in road win

It’s nearly 4 a.m. as I’m starting to type these out, I’m on three cups — technically six — of coffee thanks to three separate weather delays, and bed is kind of calling my name… so we’ll keep these brief:

Honestly, I don’t believe I’ve seen the Revs play such a possession game before

Granted, I wasn’t around in the glory years, when there was so much talent in the Revolution roster, but I don’t recall a time when New England had such command in possession. 2014, maybe. Since then? Not a chance.

Until The Boys In Blue took a flight to Colorado and absolutely dominated the Rapids.

At one point Thursday night — before the first in-game weather delay — New England held upward of 67 percent possession. And after the second one, there was one moment when Teal Bunbury had acres of space with which to dribble in.

I’ve said in the past that the Revs won’t be pretty in possession, but Thursday night/Friday morning, they made me eat my words. Hats off to the offense.

No Delamea for next Friday night

Sitting on yellow card watch, Antonio Delamea was cautioned midway through the second half, and will miss the trip to DC late next week.

More than likely we’ll see Jalil Anibaba in his spot, as there aren’t many center-half options for Bruce Arena to choose from right now. Obviously — and we’ve said this before — Michael Mancienne is still not healthy to play.

There are assorted outside back options, but nothing else for center backs. Hopefully that is rectified during the upcoming transfer window.

Don’t look now, but the Revs are the hottest team in the league