What would it take for Celtics to move up to No. 4 for Darius Garland?

(Cassy Athena/Getty Images)

Danny Ainge said earlier this month that the team will be exploring Plan A to Plan Z this offseason and one of those paths may take the team down a very young path. Jonathan Givony of Draft Express is reporting the Celtics are among four teams that have shown interest in moving up to No. 4 ahead of Thursday night. The Wolves, Bulls and Hawks are among the team interesting in moving up to No. 4 to select Vanderbilt point guard Darius Garland along with the Celtics. The point guard also getting consideration at No. 3 from the Knicks, according to Givony, with a workout scheduled for them on Wednesday.

BSJ Analysis

Moving this high would be a bit of a stunner from a Celtics perspective, although a rumor about the Celtics inquiring about the pick is a long way away from the C's making a trade of this magnitude. The price of getting up to No. 4 overall won't be easy for Boston with their current collection of first round picks in 2019. The No. 14, 20 and 22 picks pooled together will only get them as high as No. 8-10 overall based on past draft history. While the value of the No. 4 pick varies by the strength of each draft class, the Celtics would certainly need to use alternative assets to get up to that range.

The most likely paths to get up that high would probably need to include one of the following: The 2020 lightly protected Memphis pick, or Jaylen Brown. The Grizzlies pick could become unprotected in 2021 but an aggressive move like this