Sweeney: With a lack of trying Tuesday, the Revs front office waves the white flag

Like many of you do in your spare time, I used to indulge in a little fantasy sports from time to time. From baseball to football to even basketball and hockey, I was an obsessed fantasy sports junkie. I’d sit in front of my old desktop monitor and go through my options over some really bad coffee, making moves and staying relatively competitive in all my leagues.

And let me tell you, I loved drafting my own teams. I didn’t like letting the computer do it. I had my preferences for players, getting them all lined up in my draft queue. When someone else picked a player that I wanted for my team, I’d give a nice guttural scream in frustration — I may have even used some choice obscenities — but I would ultimately move on to my next target acquisition.

Why am I bringing this up on a sunny Wednesday morning?

The answer is easy. The Revolution, for all their needs that anyone who knows the game can easily see — needs that are beyond the three maximum Salary Budget Charge players already brought in this past offseason — muffed one big time on Tuesday. And they didn’t appear prepared to move on to another target (if there was one) when the first one fell through.