Bedard: Should the Patriots make a trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen?

(Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

It's very likely sometime in the next two weeks, one of the rarest occurrences could be in play: a quarterback drafted in the top 10 of one draft would be traded after just one season.

As far as we can tell, it has never happened in the Super Bowl era. It last occurred in 1961 when George Izo, the second overall pick by the then-Chicago Cardinals in 1960, was dealt to the Redskins at the end of training camp in 1961.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray is very much in play for the Arizona Cardinals (hey ... what a coincidence) this year with the top overall pick. Of course, they just took Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick a year ago — and they traded up to do so (15th overall, plus third- and fifth-round picks).

So unless the Cardinals pass on Murray or they entertain the thought of keeping both quarterbacks on the roster at least for a year and sort of do a modified Patrick Mahomes stash, Rosen will be on the trading block either on draft day or as soon as the pick is made.

Should the Patriots be interested? Obviously, with a starting quarterback in Tom Brady who will be 42 before the start of the regular season, there will be a transition at some point. Could Rosen be the heir apparent?

There's a lot to like about that possibility — from Rosen's talent to his contract — but there are still a lot of lingering questions about the UCLA product, even with one NFL season and 13 starts under his belt. After polling five NFL executives about Rosen's draft evaluations, his first NFL season, and where he would fit into this year's draft, there was a consensus: It would be just like the Patriots to make this deal. And it would not go over well across the league.

"A lot of people would say, '(Expletive), I can't believe they got a guy that good,'" said one AFC executive. "Yeah, there would be a lot of swear words. It  would be just like Belichick to make that deal."

Should the Patriots do it? Will they? Let's go through the various factors involved.