Breakfast with Bill: Belichick delivers low-key session at annual coaches’ get-together

(Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick was pretty brief when it came to his annual appearance at the coaches breakfast Tuesday in Arizona. That being said, there were still some takeaways.

He wouldn’t add anything when it came to Rob Gronkowski. The tight end retired over the weekend, but his agent Drew Rosenhaus has dropped the possibility of a 2019 return on multiple occasions over the last couple of days. Belichick wasn’t having it.

“I am not dealing in hypothetical questions," he said to reporters.

Following Gronkowski’s retirement, Belichick a statement showering him with praise. Asked to expand on those statements, Belichick said he’ll let his previous statement speak for itself.

“I already made my comments on Rob,” Belichick said. “Honestly, I don’t have anything to add.

“I think my comments on Rob speak for themselves,” he added later in the session. “He’s pretty special in every category.”

He seems encouraged about the acquisition of defensive lineman Michael Bennett saying “I think he’ll help our team,” and adding, “Mike’s a good football player. I think he has a good understanding of football, so I think he’ll help us.”

Because of injuries and personnel moves, three younger players who ended the season on injured reserve — offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn, tight end Ryan Izzo and wide receiver Braxton Berrios — could end up playing a role in 2019. He addressed each one of their situations.

On Wynn: “We haven’t done anything since the end of February. We’ll see when we get out there.”

On Izzo: “Young player. He wasn’t able to participate at times and ended up on IR. … I think he can do several things, but we’ll see. I don’t know. He’ll get an opportunity to do them this year, and we’ll evaluate him then.”

On Berrios: “We didn’t see a lot (in his first training camp). He didn’t have a lot of opportunity to participate. We’ll see what happens this year. It’s a new year, and Braxton’s worked hard. I’m sure he’ll give it his best effort. That’s all we can ask for.”

One more veteran who could see an increased role, especially with the decreased numbers at wide receiver, is Phillip Dorsett.

“Everybody’s going to have an opportunity, so how those go, what happens to them, I can’t control,” Belichick said. “Phil’s got good skill, he’s a talented player and he’s made a lot of big plays for us.”

A final more personnel note? He was asked about kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who remains a free agent. Belichick noted he’s currently not under contract. Would they like to have him back?

“He’s not back until the person’s under contract,” Belichick added. “So we’ll see what happens.”