MLS Notebook: Revolution players have left a lot of bonus money on the pitch, potential playoff system can work, other thoughts

When you’re doing research for a deep dive story, it’s amazing what you can learn for another story — like this one, for instance.

During our recent perusal of the current MLS collective bargaining agreement — which expires in 13 months, give or take a few days — we’ve realized that the Revolution players have left a rather large amount of bonus money on the field since 2015.

Since the players and investor/operators approved the current CBA, individual match winners receive $7,500 in bonus money per league triumph, which is subsequently divvied up among the players either on a monthly basis or at the end of the season, released at the MLS Players Association’s purview. And with teams playing 34-match fixture slates during each of the last four years, that means a grand total of $255,000 is available for each team per season.

So far, that’s a little over a million smackers in game winner’s bonus money available for the players of each club over the last four years. It’s $1.02 million, if you want precision.

Simple math will tell you just how much the Revs players have both made and left on the field.