NFL Notebook: Health and good timing paramount when it comes to playoff push

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(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

In this weekend edition of the NFL Notebook, we get more insight into the depth of the relationship between Devin McCourty and Bill Belichick, explain who we voted for when it comes to this year’s Ron Hobson Media Good Guy Award, check out some amazing new numbers, and prepare you for “Guard Your Desk” season in the NFL. But first, we explain why good health is just as important as “momentum” when it comes to this time of year.

1. Momentum is an overused phrase at this point on the calendar, but if previous seasons are any indication, momentum really boils down to health plus good timing. The teams that do the best job at this time of year are playing their best football, but they’re also the healthiest.

“Health is the most important thing at this time of year for a team you know is going to the playoffs. If you go back and look at the Super Bowl winning teams, the healthiest ones in December and January have the best chance to get to the show,” one personnel man said Friday.

Last year’s Eagles