Completed Live Q&A: Sweeney on Revolution/MLS (final chat of ’18 season)

OK folks, we've had a few days to let the season settle -- and we're all recovering from the 11th rolling rally Wednesday, natch -- so we're going to answer all your questions about the Revolution headed into the offseason Thursday afternoon at 4.

We would appreciate it if you get your questions in early, and please, to make it a cleaner experience for everyone, don't comment on anyone else's questions.

Thanks, and see you Thursday at 4.

EDIT: Due to Fitchburg and Algonquin Regional playing at 7 p.m. Thursday (severe weather expected in the Paper City Friday night) and with travel time thrown in from Bolton to Fitchburg, I need to move up the chat from 5 to 4. I may even start early. Thanks for your patience and understanding.