Which members of the 2018 Patriots would make the best coaches and why?

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(Adam Richins/Boston Sports Journal)

FOXBOROUGH -- Bill Belichick said Tuesday that among his many positive attributes, running back James White asks questions “like a coach.”

“If you were talking to another coach about a play, the coach would think ahead to what are the problems that could come up,” Belichick said when quizzed about White and his approach. “'If they do this, if they do that, if they do something else, what if this guy lines up here instead of there?' Those are the kinds of things that a player, like all of the ones I just mentioned, (Matthew) Slater in the kicking game, (Nate) Ebner in the kicking game. They ask those same kind of questions.”

So could that be a possible career move for White once he decides his playing career is done?

“Possibly,” he said. “Yeah, I feel like I could do it. I mean it just depends how I feel once my career is over with, but I feel like it would be cool to kind of pass down my knowledge to the younger generation.”

Belichick’s statement about thinking like a coach got us wondering: Is there anyone else in the Patriots’ locker room who has considered a career in coaching? And who would be best suited to making the move? We asked a dozen different players in the locker room which teammate would make the best coach. While there were several players mentioned, one name came up time and again.