Dr. Flynn: Lack of clear replay makes Sony Michel diagnosis tough

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Sony Michel suffered a left ACL tear during his sophomore high school season. He sustained a second undisclosed ligament injury during the 2017 SEC Championship game but was able to return to play a month later. Some NFL teams failed Michel on his medicals due to concerns surrounding rumored “bone on bone” issues in the knee.

With an ACL tear in high school, it is not uncommon to see arthritis, wearing away of the shiny articular cartilage in the knee, even at a young age. Michel’s knee acted up in training camp this summer and required a procedure to drain (and perhaps arthroscopically “clean up”) the knee.

Michel has been moving well since, but with a knee history like his, flare-ups can happen at any time. Unfortunately, it appears that the running back sustained another injury to his left knee today.

Just a few seconds into the second quarter, Michel attempted to spin out of a tackle and his left foot got stuck. The play was unfortunately obstructed from every replay angle. The only thing I can say is that the way Michel spun and was fallen on, the structures of the posterolateral corner and fibula (bone) are at risk. But even that's impossible to say at this point.

Unfortunately, when the video doesn’t tell me enough, I’m stuck crossing my fingers and toes just like the rest of you. Stay tuned to BSJ for more….