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Sweeney: Four takeaways from Red Sox-Orioles finale

(Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Since I don’t know when I’m going to get another chance to do this, I might as well step into the box and take my hacks:

If Sale can keep this up, whoa boy: There has always been concerns about Chris Sale’s ability to pitch in the playoffs, given the egg laid by the Sox in the postseason last year. And I’m just thinking out loud here but maybe the DL stint — even though I know people really wanted to take a fast walk to the Tobin when that was announced — was a good thing. He has already thrown a ton of innings so far this season, and with his velocity and the effort he uses to deliver the ball, a little time off in July isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He comes out of this rehab start against the AAAA Orioles on 68 pitches, looking like a well-rested pitcher. And the approach he used in these five innings, between a fastball that touched 99 and an absolutely filthy slider, made the O’s look silly. If he can remain this effective, this efficient, then bottle this and save his heavy workload for October.

When are the Red Sox hitters actually going to do their jobs and hit for Sale?: