Marcus Smart watch: Nets trades eliminate another potential suitor for point guard

(Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS -- The Celtics probably weren’t sweating much about the possibility of a big offer sheet heading Marcus Smart’s way in the coming weeks, given the complexion of the market. Still, life just got a bit tougher for Happy Walters (Smart’s agent) overnight as one potential Smart suitor came off the board.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com was first to report on Friday that the Nets had made a pair of deals. Brooklyn first sent Jeremy Lin to the Atlanta Hawks with a second-round pick in order to free up some additional salary cap room off their books. Shortly afterward, they agreed to rent out $20+ million in salary cap space by taking on the expiring contracts of Kenneth Faried and Darrell Arthur in the trade.

The Nets also managed to land a pair of draft picks from the Nuggets (2019 protected first round pick, 2020 second round pick) for taking on the pair of overpaid power forwards. By dumping the deals, the Nuggets managed to escape the luxury tax for next season by dumping a significant portion of their payroll.

So how does this all relate to the Smart situation?