Kyrie Irving is tepid about LeBron and his contract status, which he should be

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving gave an update on his knee, talked about what it was like to watch the Celtics' deep run in the playoffs and his appreciation for having a seat at the table when it comes to the direction of the team.

But the headlines from Irving's press gathering on Tuesday at Boston Harbor Hotel, which was part of his press duties to promote his film "Uncle Drew" (in theaters, June 29th), were likely no bulletins at all: he was noncommittal about a possible reunion with free-agent LeBron James in Boston, and that he won't be signing a contract extension this summer.

"Contractually or financially, it just doesn’t make any sense," Irving said of an extension.

Brian Robb laid out all the sound reasoning as to why Irving wouldn't entertain an extension at BostonSportsJournal.com (with exclusive comments from Irving) on Monday. There was a chance that if Irving was unsure about the future of his knee that he could take the security now at less dollars but he quickly shot that down.

"I’m pretty sure management and I will have the talk but that talk, but it won’t happen now," he said.

"My hope is we could maybe limit it to one question a day about what I’m doing next year ..."

Not much should be read into that, but there will be (seriouslyjust read B-Robb already).

As for James ... let's just say Irving wasn't ready to start a recruiting campaign.