An important piece of Revs’ history is walking out the door with Lee Nguyen’s transfer

Lee Nguyen and Andrew Farrell on July 5, 2017 (Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The song was four years old at the time, but it felt appropriate to use it during the second half of the ’14 Revolution season. While the Gillette Stadium sound system cranked up “The Boys Are Back (And They’re Looking For Trouble)” after every goal, a certain someone went on Twitter and typed this:

All they do is Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen
No matter what
Got three points on their mind
#NERevs can’t get enough
And every time the ball goes in the net
All the scarves in The Fort go UP — and they stay there…..

With apologies to DJ Khaled, it was the unofficial social media anthem of the Revs that year. After Jermaine Jones fell in their lap in early August and effectively ended a poor run of form (nine losses in 11 matches in both the league and the U.S.Open Cup), New England just could not stop Nguyen-ing (I know, bad pun). With all the attention Jones received from Major League Soccer opponents following his impressive 2014 FIFA World Cup performance for the U.S. men in Brazil, it freed midfielder Lee Nguyen -- now property of Los Angeles Football Club following Tuesday night's transfer from the Revs -- to do his thing en route to 18 goals, his third straight team MVP nod, and the Eastern Conference title.

To illustrate, here’s a highlight reel of Nguyen from 2014, complete with some piano and strings. Some of those moves are just too cheeky to describe.

In what could be considered the understatement of the millennium, it's safe to say Lee Nguyen was an incredible part of the team’s successes over the last half-decade.