Lamar Jackson on meeting with the Patriots, hearing Bill Belichick laugh

(David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

So if this whole Lamar Jackson thing is a smokescreen on the part of the Patriots, Jackson is doing a pretty good job playing along.

During a pre-draft interview with reporters in Texas on Wednesday, the Louisville quarterback was asked about New England, his meetings with the Patriots, and what it was like getting Bill Belichick to laugh.

In addition to a private workout with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in South Florida, Jackson had the chance to connect with Belichick at a meeting at Gillette Stadium and was struck by the fact that he was present when Belichick was "giggling" about something.

“We were just talking, having a conversation and he was just giggling,” said Jackson. “He started laughing, and I was like, ‘Oh snap!’

“He was cool. Laid back. He just wanted to talk.”

Jackson was impressed by the fact that Tom Brady referred to him as a “beast” when commenting on an Instagram post.

“When Brady said I’m a beast, I’m like, ‘Brady said that!?’” Jackson told reporters. “Brady (doesn’t) really come out too much and talk, but that’s one of the guys I’ve looked up to as well, playing football and just trying to learn to be a quarterback.”