BSJ goes one-on-one with Revs manager Brad Friedel

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(Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

FOXBOROUGH -- Welcome to our first one-on-one feature, and it's fitting we get to sit down, formally, with former United States international goalkeeper -- and first-year Revolution manager -- Brad Friedel.

Friedel is a rather personable and down-to-earth guy, and it was good to get a few minutes with him as we discussed his philosophy on picking the squad, the potentials of bringing in another player to the roster, as well as other notes about the first six-plus weeks of his Revs' stewardship. Here's what he had to say:

BSJ: I wanted to ask you about your philosophy because I find it very interesting with what you’ve said about, ‘You don’t care about your last name, you don’t care about what they did in the past.’ Where did all of that come from? Was it from stops at (Aston) Villa, was it stops at Blackburn, was it the stop at Tottenham?

Brad Friedel: Everything. You can’t have complacency creep in sports. That’s any sport. And you can’t allow anything other than hard work, focus, determination, and skill allow you to pick your teams. And it’s as simple as that. I think if you do it another way, you lose the respect of the players who are working really hard every day, and I’ve been in many locker rooms before where certain players had gotten certain preferential treatment. There’s resentment that goes through the locker room, and it’s just a philosophy that I think ... I think all players on that front should be treated in that same manner. If people aren’t pulling their weight, then they shouldn’t be on the field.

BSJ: When you sat down in late October/early November with team president Brian (Bilello), general manager Michael (Burns), and with Jonathan (Kraft) —

BF: Robert (Kraft) was there, too.

BSJ: Oh, excellent. What was the message that was relayed to you about this football club? Was it a reclamation project (because of) the last two years?