After almost ending his own season, Marcus Smart gets chance at redemption

(Sam Greene/USA Today Sports)

WALTHAM -- Marcus Smart made his return to the practice floor on Wednesday evening for Boston’s first team workout since the All-Star break. The fact that he was back on the court so soon is a bit of a miracle, though, if you talk to his doctors.

The 23-year-old guard has missed the last month while his hand healed from lacerations (20 stitches in total) after he punched a glass frame in a Los Angeles hotel room. Several shards of glass were removed from his hand after the outburst and a couple of them came close to ending his season, according to the point guard.

“(The doctors) pulled a glass piece out of the palm of my hand about (signals a couple of inches),” Smart explained. “And they said the two tendons that ran along the pinky area, the main tendons, and literally the glass was sitting right in between them. So, like, you should go play the lotto or something because you missed your tendons. They don’t understand it. They don’t really see how. So I thank God for that every day. It could have been worse. I’m glad it’s not. ... I probably would have had to have surgery. I would have been done for the year.”

Brad Stevens knows what Smart did was a big mistake, but was relieved that an outburst didn’t cost a key rotation piece the rest of the year.