Bedard: Analyzing why Bill Belichick is not going to unleash the rush you’re hoping for

(Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports)

It's a spring tradition unlike any other in New England.

The Patriots fail to win the Super Bowl (gasp!), the defense can't get off the field, and the primordial call is blasted all over the region: Bill Belichick has to go get a dominant pass rusher.

Happened in 2010, '11, '12, '13 ... Super Bowl No. 4, '15 was the offensive line, Super Bowl No. 5 ... and now here we are again after the Patriots couldn't momentarily pause Nick Foles and the Eagles in the 41-33 loss in Super Bowl LII.

There's no pass rush.

Foles did whatever he wanted.

We didn't even sniff Foles.

We HAVE TO get a pass rusher.

And then the talk will turn to the pass rushers available in free agency, and the Patriots won't do anything of substance.

Then the talk will turn to the pass rushers in the draft, and all the studs Belichick should trade up for in the first round (look what this idiot from the Globe suggested in 2011 — moron), and Belichick will (usually) pass on them and take some developmental players in the second, third or later rounds.

You can have your dreams. You can have your draft binkies. But 95 percent of the time this is true: Belichick will not go get a dominating pass rusher because he has a tried and tested system that works with phenomenal efficiency.

And this year, Belichick should keep doing what he has been doing.

Yeah, that's right. You and your pass-rush dreams can go pound sand when it comes to The Hoodie.

Why? Let's go through his history, a list of real potential free-agent targets by the Patriots, and explain his philosophy.