WR Kenny Britt on first impressions, new playbooks, and playing with the GOAT

(Christopher Price)

FOXBOROUGH — The biggest surprise for Kenny Britt in his weeklong career with the Patriots? How quickly they tossed him into the game plan.

The new wide receiver, who was acquired last Wednesday, was in the lineup in the biggest regular-season game of the year against the Steelers four days later.

“It was kind of crazy — I had to slow myself down,” Britt said after practice on Wednesday. “I was running on emotions last week. When I got here, I’m like, ‘OK, I’m over here with Tom Brady. Come on, now. He’s the GOAT.’ But I had to take that and focus and use that energy and focus on getting into the playbook and learning.”

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Britt played two snaps and had one catch in Sunday’s win over the Steelers, the highlight of a whirlwind few days for the former Cleveland Brown. He’s only been in New England for a week, but he’s been “blown away” by what he’s seen to this point.