Trade season ramps up today: Examining the new list of players who can now be traded

Vince Carter, Tyreke Evans and Marco Belinelli (USA TODAY Sports)

Generally, you won't see many trades made across the NBA until the middle of December and that comes for good reason. The collective bargaining agreement requires that players signed during the offseason as free agents cannot be traded until December 15th. Barring a few exceptions (the no-trade restrictions lasts until January 15th in a few select situations), that means a boatload of new players are now officially available on the trade market as of Friday morning.

From the Celtics' perspective, it means Danny Ainge now has the freedom to deal four players on the roster who previously couldn't be moved: Gordon Hayward, Aron Baynes, Daniel Theis and Shane Larkin. All four of those players aren't going anywhere. Hayward is a cornerstone, while Baynes, Theis and Larkin have been meaningful contributors on a 24-6 team at bargain costs.

So why does today matter then if none of these new names are likely to be moved? The Celtics are still sitting on the disabled player exception (where they can acquire a player making up to $8.4 million) without sending out any salary. We covered a number of names that might be available previously at the Boston Sports Journal, but the landscape across the NBA has made a few more names as potential targets now, thanks to slow starts and injuries across both conferences. Here's a look at a few of the players that are newly eligible to be dealt, could fit into the DPE, and play on teams that will likely be sellers: