The odds of the Celtics landing the 2018 Lakers pick are about to improve

gary vasquez/usa today sports

There were plenty of surprising teams around the NBA at the start of the regular season and the Los Angeles Lakers were one of them. They came out of the gate with a .500 record over the first ten games, with some impressive wins over the likes of Detroit and Washington. it got to the point where I wondered whether it was time for the Celtics to worry about their chances of landing that 2-5 protected pick from them for the 2018 NBA Draft.

Back then, I speculated that it was a little bit too early to worry about the hot start, because the Lakers were playing quite a bit over their heads in the early going. Since that column, the Lakers have stumbled mightily, losing five straight and dropping 10 of 13 overall to fall to 8-15 on the year. Currently they hold the seventh worst record in the NBA in a very crowded race at the bottom of the standings. The Lakers are just 2.5 games behind the Hawks for the league's second-worst record.