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Dr. Flynn’s Mailbag: Taking a look at the situation with Martellus Bennett’s shoulder

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Note: Martellus Bennett has given his side of this story. Post here

Martellus Bennett was released by the Green Bay Packers this week for “Failure to Disclose Physical Condition.” Jonathan Kraft addressed the uncommon designation back in 2012 when the Patriots cut defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene for failure to disclose a knee injury after paying him an almost $4 million signing bonus:

“So the idea is you need to disclose everything that is going on with your personal situation and then you sign it, and it's a legal document. And if somebody isn't completely up front with everything that's going on there and eventually that leads to them not being able to perform, you have a situation where it's probably best to part ways. And the NFL, just in the last week or two, created a new designation which is released I think is failure to disclose, or failure to disclose conditions, something like that. And I think this situation falls into that category. And it's one thing if a player comes in, performs as he asked to do and develops a serious injury in the line of duty, that happens all the time, and you see your obligation through. But in cases where somebody may not have been completely accurate up front, I think it leads to a different situation, and this probably falls into that category more than the other one."

It was clear from the Packers’ designation that Bennett is dealing with a significant shoulder injury, the real question is, how bad is it? We got our answer today when Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that Bennett was released by the Packers because of a rotator cuff tear with additional reports of a labrum tear. You have to understand a little bit of shoulder anatomy to understand the challenges of playing with such an injury.