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Alex Cora returns as Red Sox manager

(Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports)

Alex Cora met with the media for the first time since being named the 47th Red Sox manager, alongside Dave Dombrowski:

  • Dombrowski: We selected Alex as the type of person who would provide the leadership, the type of communication, respect, quality baseball man, present in analytics — every contemporary in that regard ... everywhere I turned when I did my background, I didn't know him other than a few handshakes, everyone who had dealt with him ... everyone was thinking he would be the ideal leader for the Red Sox organization.
  • It's a perfect situation. I never thought this would happen this quick, honestly, for everything I used to say the last few years, I thought the opportunity was going to come later in my career. To be a bench coach for one year with a wonderful organization ... to have this opportunity now is great.
  • In this city, everybody wants to win a world championship. For that to happen, my goal for this organization is for everyone to pay attention to details.
  • It's a very good coaching staff that relates to me and will be an extension of me, we're going to connect with players. Having a good relationship with players is not bad. Doing that, you're going to get the best out of them. Some people will think crossing that line is not helpful. I see it the other way around, and I've lived it. You embrace them, you tell them how good they are, and when you tell them it's not good enough and you have to twist their arm, they're going to respond to you. That's my goal.
  • For some people, Boston is a challenge. But for me, it's not. I understand they live baseball 24/7. I come from a country that lives baseball 24/7. My family too.
  • I'm a capable manager. It was going to come down to somebody giving me that opportunity. I never thought that I was getting interviewed because I was a minority. It happens to be. I'm proud to be Puerto Rican ... I see it that I'm a capable guy. And yeah, the history, I understand the history throughout the game. There's not too many Latino managers. There's not too many minority managers, but there are 30 capable managers, and I'm one of them.
  • Pitching coach is very important. We'll work together to chose the right one. Talented pitching staff.
  • Reaching out to veterans: Throughout the process, I have talked to a few of them. During the offseason, I'm going to talk to most of them; visit some of them.
  • I get it, I understand that experience is important. I was a utility guy, and you have to pay attention to the game, you really do. I learned a lot from managers, I learned a lot from A.J. Hinch. It's not about just me. It's about my coaches to and the people behind me.
  • The two years managing in winter ball were tough because I managed in my hometown. Most challenging job was the World Baseball Classic. Had four shortstops to handle. I learned a lot.
  • I don't see (Boston) as an obstacle or pressure. There are a lot of players want to go to spring training with us. Mike Lowell, David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez....
  • On analytics: Yeah, the Astros do an outstanding job with the numbers, and they give them a lot. But there's a balance. The most important thing is there has to be a connection. There is a lot of money invested in the numbers, and we have realize that.
  • Sandy Alomar Sr. was a big influence. He told me, 'The scoreboard is not for the players, it's for the fans.'
  • Tito Francona told me here in '05 that I would be a big league manager.
  • You had other chances, why here? Because they moved fast (laughs). I played here, this is home for me.
  • Ron Roenicke is the perfect guy. He's going to be great for us.
  • Going through these playoffs, I know it made me a better manager.
  • Carlos Beltran, played against him when we were 17. I have a great relationship with Carlos. The whole thing about drawing a line, they understand that. But you need to talk to them. Alex Bregman .. he was like a little brother but at times I had to push him.
  • The key to an offense is having a consistent approach. We want guys ready to hit and do damage. It should be fun. It won't be one way we beat you. We're going to do a bunch of things.
  • My relationship with Dustin Pedroia will be forever. Kelly Pedroia with my kids... As a player, I think he looked up to me. Back then he wasn't the laser show and we were helping him out. Nothing has changed. He's going to help us out. He understands I'm the manager and he's a player. All he can do with help. We need him healthy. When Dustin is healthy, he can help any team.