Celtics will hold training camp in Newport, R.I.

Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports

Historically, the Celtics have held a number of training camps in Newport, R.I., on the campus of Salve Regina. Once Brad Stevens was hired in the summer of 2013 though, those off-site training camp spots became a thing of the past. The new head coach preferred a more familiar location with all the team's resources on site.

With a fresh batch of 10 new faces on the roster, the 2017-18 Celtics certainly could use some early time on the road to work on building some chemistry together, and it's evident that might have served as the reasoning for a return to Newport for training camp later this month. The team announced on Friday morning that the Celtics will hold the first three days of training camp from Sept. 26-28 in Rhode Island before heading back to the team's normal practice facility in Waltham for the remainder of their preseason workouts.

The expectation at this point is that training camp practices will be closed to the public, although still awaiting official word from the Celtics on that front. Boston Sports Journal will be reporting live on the scene in Newport and Waltham for the entire preseason.