Injury analysis: Like Julian Edelman, it doesn’t look good for Cyrus Jones (knee)

(Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports)

Cyrus Jones appeared to suffer a non-contact right knee injury with 8:30 to go in the first half. As he ran down the right sideline in coverage, Jones planted his right foot and his knee immediately buckled inward in a valgus position. This mechanism is very concerning for an ACL tear and eerily similar to the video of Julian Edelman's knee injury last week.

In Edelman's case and this one, the outlook is the same:

Best case: Jones' hamstrings and core stabilized his knee enough to spare his ACL from tearing. In that case, I would still expect that it was sprained.

Worst case: Jones has a full-thickness ACL tear and will be sidelined for 8-12 months as he recovers from ACL reconstructive surgery.

Expect an MRI tomorrow, although the team may release more information this evening.

9:56 p.m. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media has an update:

Dr. Jessica Flynn is a sports medicine physician at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, MA. She writes about injuries in professional sports on her blog, You can follow her on Twitter @jessdeede.