BSJ Game Report: Thunder 119, Celtics 115 – C’s shoot themselves in the foot again

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Everything you need to know about the Celtics 119-11 loss to the Thunder with BSJ insight and analysis. 

Box Score

A new low. Just when you think the Celtics have things figured out and have learned their lessons of the ups and downs of this season, they give this effort. 

Everyone came into this game knowing they had to have this game, yet they still played like this. They gave up 41 points in the fourth quarter to the Oklahoma City Thunder a team that hadn’t won this month. 

“Your guess is as good as mine to be honest,” Jaylen Brown said when asked how they could come off a loss to the Hornets and still play like this. “I am not sure, but when we play the way we know we can play, we are tough to beat when we have that sense of urgency. I thought some guys had it, but we didn’t across the board. And if we don’t show up, we’re going to get beat. We don’t have a team that cannot show up and win games. We’ve gotta bring it, and as a full-team effort we didn’t bring it tonight.”

The Celtics keep getting dared and they gladly accept. “What they did on every screen, which we knew they were going to do, was they went under,” Brad Stevens said. “A lot of that's a dare.”

Daring the Celtics to shoot 3-pointers is like daring me to eat pizza. And while the Celtics need to take 3-pointers, they need to be generating them the right way. 

“Maybe you get a rescreen, you get a roll to the rim, then you get a kick out, but there's a lot of bodies in the paint,” Stevens said. “And that's what's available. There were some that were certainly forced, there's no question about it. And then there were some that were just missed.”

The Celtics had one stretch where they attacked, moved the ball, and generated the right kinds of shots and it got them back into the game. The rest of the time, not so much.


The Celtics were up 91-90 with 7:32 to play, and by the 2:25 mark, they were down 106-95. That's a 16-4 run by one of the worst teams in the league. It included eight missed shots, six of them 3-pointers.