Bedard: Ranking the second group of QBs available to the Patriots in the draft

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We've been over the Group of Five quarterbacks in the first round, which included how impressed we were with Mac Jones once we sat and really studied him.

Our rankings:

1. Trevor Lawrence
2. Zach Wilson
3. Jones
4. Justin Fields
5. Trey Lance

I would expect all five to be gone in the area of the Top 10. They might not get past No. 8 and the Panthers. The chances of the Patriots trading up to take a QB in that area is low, although it can't be ruled out. You just never know with Bill Belichick, and we've never seen him with a donut roster like this (hole in the middle at QB ... we're here all week). Yes, it's screaming for a QB so it's understandable why people think he might trade up; I just don't see him expending much extra capital with a team that has to build up its young talent base.

Plus, if the 49ers draft Jones as expected,