BSJ Game Report: Celtics 119, Warriors 114- Jayson Tatum carries C’s to 6th straight win

(Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

Everything you need to know about the Boston Celtics' 119-114 win over the Warriors with BSJ insight and analysis:

Box Score

An instant classic. This was the best game of the year for the C’s. It had a little of everything, and the duel between Jayson Tatum and Steph Curry was amazing. Curry doing it on one foot, Tatum answering nearly every shot, the big plays made by Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker. This game was just a joy to watch.

On top of it, the Celtics have completely flipped the narrative from earlier this year when Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens were openly calling out the team’s lack of resolve.

“I think the number one reason for our little run here is we've been, for the most part, healthier,” Stevens said after the game. “I know that sounds like an excuse. I hope it doesn't. I think what we tried to do is stay afloat as well as we could and hope that we get to a time where we get a little bit healthier and put together some weeks of good basketball. Throughout all that our guys have done an incredible job of staying together. And when that happens, and then you get a little momentum, then you have a tendency to respond when you don't feel great.”

It really can be that simple. Some better health and a little break in the schedule, and suddenly there is more energy for the end of games. 

Jayson Tatum is on another level. His recent stretch has been out of this world. Tatum has cut out a lot of the mid-range stuff and instead is getting all the way to the rim and it has taken his game to another stratosphere. This Tatum is superstar Tatum. 

Steph Curry... also on another level. Some of the shots he was hitting here, especially after turning his left ankle, were beyond ridiculous. This stat is also ridiculous: 


As is this one:


He made more 3-pointers in this stretch than four whole teams.


Draymond Green ran a fake dribble handoff with Steph Curry and turned to drive on Marcus Smart with about 45 seconds left. He had just enough separation to get a pretty clean look at a layup which would have tied the game at 113. Kemba Walker came down and drilled a 3-pointer to make it 116-111.


Tatum breaks the tie:


Walker ices it: