Bedard: Bill Belichick still on top of his game when it comes to revealing nothing about draft plans

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With Bill Belichick turning 69 on Friday (Rob Gronkowski is very excited about this), there are some things to question, a little bit, when it comes to the Patriots' grand poobah.

Like ... should he run the drafts anymore, especially when it comes to offensive players? Does Mr. No Days Off still grind away at the job like he did when he built this dynasty? Does he ever plan on drafting and developing another quarterback after Jimmy Garoppolo? What exactly is the fascination with Cam Newton?

After his only press conference Thursday since the season-ender, nobody is going to be questioning Belichick's stamina when it comes to revealing absolutely nothing about the team's draft plans, his performance or how he views pretty much anything.

Hey Bill, did the sun come out today?

"Yeah, I don't know. I think every person has their own vantage point when it comes to viewing the sun and I can't speak for what other people may or may not be looking at."

Okie dokie.

It wasn't contentious or anything — Belichick has had enough time in Florida and Nantucket to recharge his media batteries that are drained during the season — but other front offices just have to marvel at Belichick's discipline when it comes to talking around questions instead of answering them.

I mean, he was asked about Robert Kraft's comments about needing to do better in the draft and he didn't even snort at it.

"Yeah well, we’re always looking to get better, always try to evaluate everything we do and find a better way to do it," he said. "That’s not necessarily an annual process with the draft, but something we do on a regular basis throughout the course of the season, whether it’s whatever period of time it is. Always looking to do a better job. There are some things that last year that were unique to the draft process. As I mentioned, some of those are similar this year, some are different. We certainly use some of that experience to improve the process this year, at least we felt like we improved it this year. But ultimately, we’re still going to try to evaluate the players and make the decisions that we feel are best for the football team. We will continue to do that, and that’s really what we’ve always tried to do. I don’t think the mission’s changed."

Translation: There's no way in hell I'm giving you vultures one ounce of space to think that I'm admitting defeat on anything, and for all Robert knows, guys like Josh Uche, Kyle Dugger and Devin Asiasi could be studs ... maybe he forgot Michael Onwenu already is. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

And, by the way, for Robert's information, we're always tweaking and adjusting what we do in every way, every year. That's how we won six Super Bowls, including one three years ago.

Belichick was also asked directly, a) about Newton last season, and b) whether the free-agent spending spree (two receivers, two tight ends and one tackle) showed that the Patriots didn't surround Newton with enough.