Bedard: Mike Lombardi explains why the Patriots may not take a QB at 15 or higher

Belichick talks with Mike Lombardi on Jan. 25, 2015. (Getty Images)

If Bill Belichick and the Patriots stick with their scouting philosophy, then longtime NFL personnel executive Mike Lombardi doubts the Patriots will feel inclined to trade up for Justin Fields or Trey Lance — and they may not be interested in them at No. 15.

Speaking on his The GM Shuffle podcast, Lombardi — who goes back to the Browns with Belichick, was a Patriots personnel analyst from '14-16, and whose son, Mick, is the Patriots receivers coach — was speaking of the Patriots during his "Fix My Team" segment.

Lombardi started off talking about solidifying a few spots in this draft due to shortcomings with the 2022 roster (good timing ... we broke down that very topic — that this draft is more important for '22 than the '21 squad — on Tuesday) before getting into the quarterback situation.

"This is a draft that can really impact their 2022 team when they won't have any free agent money to spend, so they've got to really look short term and long term here," Lombardi said.

"I think they need a three-technique, if they can get a defensive tackle in there I think that would be certainly something that could really help them. More speed on defense, another corner to help them cover. I think that could help them tremendously. I don't think they're going to trade (Stephon) Gilmore, they still have (JC Jackson), but he'll be a free agent after the season. So I think that those areas that I would start on.

"They're not far away. Obviously, they've got to fix the quarterback position ..."

His QB comments and our reaction to them: