Podcast: Bedard Patriots Pod – Will Patriots take a QB if there’s 1 (or 2) at 15?

On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick discuss the wide-ranging QB fallout from the Jets' trade of Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers. Who could jump the Patriots for a QB? Will the Patriots even take a QB if there's one (or two) at 15?

Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast Hosts: Greg Bedard & Nick Cattles.


0:00: Reaction to the Jets-Panthers trade.

6:30: Is Sam Darnold any good?

8:30: You HAVE to account for coaching changes with a QB.

14:00: What will the Falcons at 4?

22:00: What will George Paton, the Broncos do?

30:00: Watch out for the Bears ... and Washington.

31:00: If there are QBs on the board, will the Patriots take one?

36:00: BSJ Member Question of the Day - Laura asks, why won't the Patriots have interest in Bridgewater over Cam Newton?