Podcast & Video: Bedard Patriots Pod – Post-trade, what’s the deal with Jimmy Garoppolo?

On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick discuss the 49ers' trade up the draft board to get a quarterback, where that leaves Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots.

Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast Hosts: Greg Bedard & Nick Cattles.


0:00: 49ers trade up to No. 3 ... what was Garoppolo's reaction?

2:00: The only thing that's important is what Garoppolo wants.

3:00: He has the leverage.

5:45: Kyle Shanahan is trying to cover his own ass with/is using Garoppolo.

7:30: Don't say Garoppolo's not competing here ... this is entirely different.

11:50: Why the 49ers shouldn't want Garoppolo.

18:00: Who did the 49ers move up to 3 to get?

20:00: Where are the Patriots at?

22:00: Potential other Jimmy suitors.

26:00: What would you give up for Garoppolo.

38:00: BSJ Member Question of the Day - Why do you think Steve Belichick and Jerod Mayo could be "losers" after the spending spree?