Bedard: Bill Belichick has a chance to shape his final act in the next few days, what will he do?

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For a year now, we've been talking about how the Patriots would be in a position to remake the franchise for 2021 and beyond.

It all comes to fruition today as the legal tampering period in the NFL opened at Noon.

We'll get into the latest that we're hearing in a second, but Belichick has a chance to change the narrative around him — that he's seen better days as a personnel man — very quickly.

Will he? Like Tom Brady, it's hard to doubt the man.

The last time people were widely questioning Belichick — including myself — on whether he was still the same defensive guru heading into the Super Bowl LIII vs. the Rams, he answered with a three-point shutout (maybe Matt Patricia was the problem and elevating Brian Flores was the solution). Before that, Belichick's schemes had been picked apart since 2016, and included an embarrassing performance in Super Bowl LII when the Patriots lost to the Eagles 41-33 and never came close to making Philly play left-handed.

Did Belichick lose his mojo? Not sure, but the Rams Super Bowl was a pantsing of Sean McVay. At the least, that was an answer, even if Belichick was calling all over the NFL — including to Tennessee for long chats with Mike Vrabel, who had McVay disciple Matt LaFleur as his OC — for inside dirt on McVay's scheme that had flummoxed the rest of the league.

The point is, Belichick heard the whispers and he answered emphatically.

Now, people are having the same questions about his personnel abilities coming off a 7-9.

Will he answer with his $60 million in cap space? What will it look like?

Our best guess: