Podcast & Video: Bedard Patriots Pod – Trent Brown trade … part of larger deal?

On this episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast w/ Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick discuss the Patriots making their first big move of the offseason — trading for former OT Trent Brown.

Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast Hosts: Greg Bedard & Nick Cattles.


On this episode:

0:00: Meh ... initially but...

3:15: "Wait to judge..."

What does that mean?

9:15: Are the Patriots really all that much better on the line, with how much money they're spending?

10:00: Trent Brown quit on the Niners and Raiders, and he doesn't have the carrot now.

13:00: Trent ... Scar is no longer the line coach here.

18:30: The 2018 Patriots draft ... woof and a half.

20:00: Plan A Garoppolo REPORT explodes ... thanks for citing the people who actually did the work, Florio.

26:30: Jets are holding everything up with the QBs.

32:00: BSJ Member Question: Mitch Trubisky and being "take-committed." BLEH