Bedard: Latest nuggets on the Patriots, including Mariota, Garoppolo, Fitzpatrick, Minshew, Newton & free agency

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Touched on many of these subjects in our podcast that will drop later, but for those of you not podcast-inclined, here's a roundup of our many nuggets we've picked up over the past week talking to a variety of NFL sources.

Topics/players discussed:

Marcus Mariota and his contract
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Jimmy Garoppolo and the Teddy Bridgewater interest
Beefing up the defensive line
Gardner Minshew
Patriots can't quit Cam Newton
QB draft class is deeper than you think.
Free agency expectations with receivers and tight ends

• Marcus Mariota and his camp are refusing to tear up the final year of his deal, that calls for him to be a $10 million backup, or a $21 million starter.

Number one, I'm not exactly sure how much of a fit he is for the Patriots. Certainly, he has his good points and I wouldn't totally rule out him coming here. Let's just say from people that I've talked to around the league that his personality, his leadership, the way he leads teams — he doesn't really, sort of sits in the back — I don't think is very appealing to the Patriots. I don't think he would be very high up on their list.

His contract is an issue. The easy thing to say would be