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Red Sox Notebook: Devers welcomes back Cora with open arms; Gonzalez deal made official

On the big screen, Tom Cruise told Renee Zellweger: "You complete me.''

On the field, Rafael Devers feels the same way about Alex Cora.

Surely, it's no coincidence that Devers enjoyed his most growth and had his best season with Cora as his manager. Or that with Cora gone last year, Devers regressed both at the plate and on the field.

Now that Cora has returned to the Red Sox dugout, it's somehow an article of faith that Devers will have a bounce-back season.

"It's just the confidence he has in me and the belief and the way he pushes me,'' said Devers in a Zoom call. "That's something that has helped me tremendously. He's someone that I can talk to about anything. He just knows how to communicate with me, no matter what it is I'm talking to him about. Like, he understands me and that's something that's extremely helpful for my growth.

"There's a lot of guys who may believe in me. But he's on me, from Day 1, all the time, about doing this or doing that. Having a manager like that, who pushes you because they care about you so much, is something that is greatly appreciated.''