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BSJ Daily Briefing 02.24.21: Tiger Woods in serious crash; Celtics fall to Luka; Pats & the tag; tech issues

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Your daily rundown of what's going on with the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Revolution, and what's about to happen...

  • I have heard from a bunch of you. Yes, we are going through some tech issues with the site that we're working through, related to pop-up ads (think that's fixed; Google just started running them with no notice) and login issues with the app (hopefully that was also related).
  • In any event, we are currently in the final stages of an entirely new app, site and content system that will hopefully be ready next month. I would avoid the app entirely for now, and just use a browser (even mobile). It's a very similar experience, and you'll have far fewer issues (and can save your password in the browser). Thanks for your patience.
  • As you might have heard, Tiger Woods was in a serious single-car crash on Tuesday. Late in the night, Woods' Twitter account posted a statement from the doctor involved: "Comminuted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula bones were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia," said Mahajan, the chief medical officer and interim CEO at Harbor-UCLA. "Additional injuries to the bones of the foot and ankle were stabilized with a combination of screws and pins. Trauma to the muscle and soft-tissue of the leg required surgical release of the covering of the muscles to relieve pressure due to swelling."
  • Obviously, Woods' golf career is secondary right now, but these injuries are going to be rough to overcome.
  • Every time someone of means is in some sort of car incident, I'm amazed they don't have a driver/bodyman taking care of those duties. I mean, I don't even want Tom Brady driving himself anywhere.
  • On the court, Luka Doncic killed the Celtics again, as the team slipped to 15-16. Look out below!
  • Karalis says the Celtics aren't going to get out of this rut until they fully trust each other.
  • The Two Jays made the all-star team.
  • Don't be completely shocked (it's still unlikely) if the Patriots tag Joe Thuney again. Not doing so would mean Bill Belichick is admitting he just wasted $15 million last season for nothing.
  • Patriots pod on Cam Newton's sell job, and NFL tag predictions.
  • Bruins pod.
  • JD Martinez vows to be better this season.
  • Bruins' kids are OK!


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NoonBSJ Live Q&A — Karalis on Celtics/NBA
3 p.m.: NBA — G League: Ignite vs. Memphis ESPN2
4 p.m: SOC —. SheBelieves Cup: Canada vs. Brazil FS1
7 p.m.: NHL — NY Rangers at Philadelphia NBCSN
7 p.m.: SOC — SheBelieves Cup: US vs. Argentina FS1
7:30 p.m.: NBA — Celtics at Atlanta NBCSB
9 p.m.: MCBK — Xavier at Providence FS1
9:30 p.m.: NHL — Los Angeles at St. Louis NBCSN
7:30 p.m.: NBA — Golden State at Indiana ESPN
10 p.m.: NBA — LA Lakers at Utah ESPN

NOTE on National college basketball schedule. There are so many channels (what the heck is FloHoops?) and Covid cancelations, we simply can't list every game that's on. Haven't really found a good list, but the NCAA daily schedule is here.


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