Bedard: Patriots never had a shot at Carson Wentz, so what are the options now?

The Eagles on Thursday unloaded Carson Wentz to the Colts to end one of the worst player transactions in the history of the NFL.

To recap, Wentz cost the Eagles, from soup to nuts:

2016 first-round pick
2016 third-round pick
2016 fourth-round pick
2017 first-round pick
2018 second-round pick
$80 million over five seasons (way more than regular rookie deal/fifth-year option due to early extension)
$33.5 million dead cap charge this season

Eagles received from Wentz:

Two 16-game seasons out of five.
Zero playoff wins (11-2 record in '17 before injury and Super Bowl title)
0-1 Wentz playoff record

Eagles received after trade to Colts:

2021 third-round pick
2022 first-round pick (likely with snap counts and playoff appearance)

Just atrocious.

Arguably the most talented all-around Eagles quarterback in franchise history was just handed to another team due to chronic mismanagement, both by the front office and coaching staff.

Look, the bottom line with the trade is it's fair to the Eagles and Colts — if Frank Reich can resurrect his former star pupil. Even for the Colts, if he bombs out, it was worth the effort, even at about $25 million per season through 2024. They can always cut him, with minimum penalty.

Should the Patriots have been in on this? Does it even matter? What are the other options?