@Betonline_ag Podcast: Poke The Bear, Ep. 30 – Top Bruins surprises; is Lake Tahoe game even going to happen?

Conor Ryan and Evan Marinofsky continue to talk Boston Bruins hockey on Episode 30 of the Poke the Bear Podcast.

In this episode, Conor and Evan discuss the biggest surprises so far this season with the Bruins, whether or not this Lake Tahoe showcase is even going to happen and what would happen if Zdeno Chara lifted the Cup with the Capitals.

2:00 - Conor loves the Cheesecake Factory now
7:00 - Brady in Tampa, now Chara in DC...??
13:00 - Will Lake Tahoe even happen?
23:00 - Biggest surprises of the year for the Bruins