Bedard: A relaxed Tom Brady knows he’s playing with house money, and that’s trouble for Chiefs

(Getty Images)

I don't go all the way back to 2001 when it comes to Tom Brady and his extensive Super Bowl history, and I don't have Brady's ridiculous recollection when it comes to all things football, but at least in my experience, Brady's given off a different vibe in every Super Bowl trip.

In 2007, everyone, including Brady, seemed a bit uptight as they chased immortality.

In 2011, Brady seemed to know the Patriots were fortunate to get that far with that defense.

The 2014 Patriots finally had another complete team, but it was a bit surreal for Brady because this was the height of Deflategate and Brady being asked if he was a cheater. Once the team got to Phoenix, Brady and the Patriots had an intensity about them and seemed to be on a mission to finally get that first title since 2004.

In 2016, the Patriots were strong favorites but Brady had a personal vendetta after being suspended the first four games.

By 2018, Brady knew his time in New England was winding down — it was wearing on him — and this unexpected run was just gravy after the win over the Chiefs.

We all know that everything is different about this Super Bowl — we no longer see the players walking around between interviews, or stopping off for a quick private conversation — so we only get to see the players virtually over Zoom, but you get a little bit of a sense about the players, especially one that we all have an extensive history with.

This Brady is different, and I'm not sure it's great news for the Chiefs.