Bedard: Patriots fans should be rooting for these teams to make bold QB moves; McDaniels stays

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

So on Wednesday, we gave you an updated primer on the 16 other teams that could be in the QB market with the Patriots this offseason.

Not even counting the Jets and Dolphins — who very well could take a QB where they are at Nos. 2 and 3 in the draft — the draft landscape for the Patriots is fairly daunting when you consider these teams ahead of the Patriots could all draft one, if not move up for one:

4. Falcons (definitely need a future plan)
7. Lions (possibly)
8. Panthers (will absolutely be aggressive)
12. 49ers (possibly)
14. Vikings (possibly)

Then you have the following teams who, like the Patriots, have no definite starter for 2021 at the moment:

19. Washington
21. Colts

We'll be diving into the free agent/trade/draft QBs as the offseason progresses — new league year begins March 17; draft starts April 29 — but the general consensus is there are three top tier QBs in this draft:

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson (Jaguars)
Justin Fields, Ohio State
Zach Wilson, BYU

Just outside those three:

Trey Lance, North Dakota State

And then there's the next group, and they all might not ultimately be first-round material:

Kyle Trask, Florida
Mac Jones, Alabama
Jamie Newman, Georgia

So, it's not a stretch to say the Patriots, if they want until 15, may not get either of the top 4 QBs. And they might not think the other three are worth the 15th overall pick.

That could ultimately lead them to the trade and/or draft route — trade or sign an NFL veteran, and draft one of the third tier QBs. Doing both would probably be their best option, if paying through the nose was a worry for Bill Belichick (it usually is).

So if the Patriots want to trade for a veteran option, which teams should the Patriots be rooting for to make a major QB move in the draft or other means (Deshaun Watson)?